Strata Defect Specialists Sydney (SDSS) offer a full suite of building defect inspection and reporting services to the Strata, Property Management and Construction industries. We specialise in strata work and work closely with Strata Managers and Owners Corporations in carrying out defect inspections and preparing reports.

When we are commissioned to carry out a defect inspection of Common Property our expert team liaise with owners to minimise inconvenience when carrying out the inspections. We then prepare and issue a comprehensive report which documents each defect with a photograph, identifies the Australian Standard or National Construction Code that is in breach and finally a brief scope of recommended work to rectify the defect.

Our reports are designed to be easily interpreted by an Owners Corporation, however if there are any complex issues our team are then available to explain and clarify the report. Our reports are prepared in the required format for lodgement with the Courts should an unresolved matter escalate into legal action.

Owners Corporations

Purchasing a new property, such as a unit, that is covered by a strata scheme is covered under warranty for the first two years for defects and for the first six years for a major defect.

Under the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015, the owners corporation is required to include on the agenda of each AGM for the first six years of a building to consider whether or not to commission a defect inspection of common areas and common property.

Liaising through the Strata Manager, SDSS will provide a fee proposal to carry out a defect inspection of the common areas of the building. Ample notice of inspection dates are given so that inconvenience to residents is kept to a minimum as access to every unit is required.

After the physical inspection, a detailed report will be prepared for each unit as well as the other common areas that will identify any defect, photographs as necessary, relevant Australian Standard and brief scope of rectification work.

If required, SDSS can arrange to attend a Strata Committee meeting to present the report and answer any questions the committee may have.


Each unit, or Lot, is made up of both Lot Property and Common Property. The Diagram below explains which is Lot Property and which is Common Property.

Owners Corporations

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