Construction Audit Assistant Service

What is the Construction Audit Assistance Service?

In response to the sweeping changes facing the industry, SDSS have developed the Construction Audit Assistance Service (CAAS).

The programme is developed in light of the new Building Legislation and the compliance regime overseen by the Office of the NSW Building Commissioner (OBC). SDSS have identified a need by Developers & Builders who are looking for some assistance and guidance in mitigating the risks of non-compliance with new and updated legislation through all stages including design, during construction and post-construction.

The CAAS program aids Developers & Builders in preparation for an OBC Audit and in response to any Prohibition Orders or Audit. We understand many Developers & Builders are anxious surrounding their obligations and the complexities of complying with an OBC audit. SDSS have observed and successfully aided multiple parties in their response to OBC orders and OBC audits and in particular ensuring they are well prepared to respond to a potential audit, this is where the CAAS program steps in.

Whilst it is apparent how complex and onerous the process of responding and complying with an OBC audit can be along with the detailed and measured approach required to respond to OBC Orders, there are definitive steps that can be taken towards a successful outcome and throughout the lifecycle of a project to mitigate risks of non-compliance.

To understand how SDSS can tailor our CAAS program to assist you navigate a pathway towards successful compliance contact one of our experts today.

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